Many people today are considering cremation instead of traditional burial and are unaware of the options available when choosing cremation. One of the biggest misconceptions about cremation is that you cannot have a funeral if you choose to be cremated. That is NOT true.

Direct or Immediate cremation does not include visitation, rites or ceremonies prior to the cremation. It is simply the immediate disposition of the deceased by means of cremation.

Any funeral arranged with cremation as the form of final disposition may be preceded by visitation/viewing and funeral cremation or rites. The Scarpelli Funeral Homes offer a variety of Cremation Service Options. These offerings may include a memorial service at our funeral home or another location, a visitation prior to the service with or without the body present or any other type of arrangements that suit your families needs and desires. Our licensed funeral directors will be pleased to offer you a variety of options. Our staff, working with you, will offer selections that meet your families individual wishes.

A memorial service may or may not be a religious ceremony. Many families wish to have the memorial service held at the funeral home while others prefer that the service be held at their place of worship. Our staff can help to arrange these services with you and coordinate the memorial service with the clergy.

Direct or Immediate Cremation: Generally no embalming or viewing with the remains transferred to the crematory for cremation.
Memorial Service: A personalized service with photographs and memorabilia in the funeral home, church or a location of choice. The cremated remains may or may not be present.
Visitation before Cremation: A gathering of family and friends at the funeral home prior to cremation.
Full Traditional Cremation Service: Includes all aspects of a traditional funeral service with the exception of burial immediately following the service.