The Scarpelli Funeral Homes provide meaningful and personalized services to meet the desires of the families we serve. By creating a memorable and unique ceremony we are able to celebrate and honor a loved one’s life.

The “traditional funeral” has dramatically changed in the past few years. In years past, the “traditional funeral” was pretty much the same thing for every family. It included a wake or visitation period followed by a church service and burial in a cemetery. Yet today, there is no such thing as a “traditional funeral”. What is tradition to some, isn’t for others. Everyone’s tradition is different. People are choosing funerals that are more reflective of the deceased and fit the lifestyle of the family. Funerals now include many customs and ceremonies of different cultures and ethnicity. We have assisted families in arranging many types of services and many denominations. We also have helped families arrange funerals that are more modern. Given the diverse group of families that we serve and the options that we provide, there are many choices available when it comes to a funeral.

Visitation and Viewing: Established viewing times are set for the public.
Church Services: A religious service at your church with the remains present.
Funeral Home Services: A religious or contemporary ceremony can be personalized in our funeral home.
Graveside Service: A religious or contemporary funeral service held at the grave.