By prearranging your funeral, you are completely in control. Since your funeral will most directly affect your family, you may want to include their suggestions in your plans. What you choose to prearrange is completely up to you. Use the following questions to help you determine your preplanning needs.

What are my preplanning options?

  • Have biographical information recorded and filed. (This information will be used for the obituary article and the completion of the death certificate.)
  • Make funeral selections regarding the type of service, casket, vault, music, flowers and other details concerning your wishes.
  • Prepay — (Prepaying is not required, but an option that many individuals find helpful.) There are several ways to prepay for your funeral.

Why should I choose to preplan my funeral?

  • Gives you peace of mind, knowing your wants, needs and desires can be satisfied in advance.
  • Alleviates your family from the strain of making funeral decisions at a difficult time.
  • Removes the financial burden from your family.
  • Pay today’s prices for tomorrow’s services.
  • Set aside funds legally allowable by the state prior to Medicaid spend down requirements.

What are my options for final disposition?

  • Ceremonial or religious service with body present.
  • Immediate burial with memorial service with no body present.
  • Cremation, which may be performed either before or after services.
  • Donation to medical science for research.

Request Information on Preplanning
Our funeral directors are available to make prearranged funerals seven days a week, including evenings. Call us at (301) 724-4600 to set up an appointment.